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Gasosa - Gasoline or Ethanol?


This application helps you decide which fuel is cheaper at the pump your FLEX car.You enter the price per liter of alcohol AND / OR the gasoline and the application calculates which fuel is more advantageous at the pump.
The calculation is made taking into account the fact that the calorific value of ethanol engine is on average 70% of gasoline engines.
You can also register the consumption of their vehicles, not to use this standard percentage of 70%, which is the value used by most apps on the market.
If you are unsure consumption in KM / L of your vehicle, we have a service that allows you to import a file with a measurements, facilitating the registration of their vehicles and leaving the more accurate calculation.Obs .: The file has not ALL the consumption of the vehicle, so only existing exhibit.
You can also save the made supplies and can follow, through chart, the evolution of fuel prices.
If you need to uninstall APP for some reason, you have an option to save a BACKUP of "My Vehicle" and "Historic", later to restore the data.
Take a test and good economy.